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Director & Composer Of Thor: The Dark World Let Go From The Film?


Just after some beautiful photos from Empire’s latest issue were revealed online, we know get some shocking and disappointing news. Composer Carter Burwell and director Alan Taylor are being reported to have been let go from the film.

“FYI, I checked with a REALLY WELL INFORMED SOURCE and it was confirmed. Carter is off the film. It also appears so is the director who seems to have been asked to take a long vacation until AFTER the film opens. I’ve head one replacement name being mentioned which would be a very interesting replacement and is a VERY TALENTED composer as well. We’ll see if he gets the gig.” – Ford A. Thaxton

Last week Christopher Willis tweeted that he had just begun work on scoring the film with Burwell.

We would assume Willis is now taking over full time since a replacement is mentioned as being very talented. Willis has worked on Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 and X-Men First Class in recent years.

As for Taylor, it is unknown what his stance is right now, but if these rumors are true, looks like we won’t be seeing him directing another Marvel film again…

‘Thor: The Dark World’ is set to hit theaters in the US on November 8, 2013.

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